Travel Preparations

Flughafen Norden Ghanas Norden Ghanas
In the tropics you have either rainy or dry season. The rainy season with occasional rains, high humidity and mostly green vegetation is between May and September. The dry season is between October and April. December and January are dominated by Harmattan, a trade wind which brings sand from the Sahara in the Equatorial zone.
Generally, daytime temperature ranges from 28 to 34 degrees. At night, it cools down to 18 degrees depending on the region. The ideal time for traveling to Ghana is thus between March and November.

For a smooth vacation, please pay attention to the following points:
- valid passport
- valid visa
- vaccination against yellow fever, tetanus and hepatitis
- the earlier you book the cheaper you fly

Furthermore, please take note of the following recommendations:
– Light summer wear, headgear, long clothing for the night
– Eventually Malaria prophylaxis
– National and international drivers license
– Funds in the form of visa card and cash
– Copies of all documents
– Travel Health Insurance
– Travel guide

Further information:
Ghana is a comparatively safe travel destination with a low crime rate. Single persons and women traveling alone can move relatively safe. However, even in Ghana thoughtful and careful behavior especially when dealing with money and valuables is advisable.

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