About us

Thats our story:

     …By chance, someone offered me a piece of land for purchase. I immediately trusted this Ghanaian and bought the plot. When I returned to this place with Ibrahim after a year, there were some difficulties with ownership, and I was assigned another plot 300m away, requiring a second payment.
Now, nothing stood in the way of developing the land. The plot was nothing but sand. Ibrahim rallied some friends, and they helped bring bamboo directly from the bush to build the first bamboo huts. It was crucial for me to plant many coconut palms and trees. As Ibrahim and I are fans of Bob Marley, we quickly agreed on the name of the resort, named after Bob Marley’s song ‘DREAMLAND.’
In December 2009, Jan, a Slovak, visited for a holiday with his friend and fell in love with DREAMLAND. He financed the Guesthouse and is now a co-owner. Jan’s focus is on activities in the Ada Foah estuary and volunteering.
The construction of the coastal protection, the challenges posed by Corona, and personal changes have sometimes made the development of the resort difficult. However, the atmosphere of the resort has not been affected. If you are seeking peace, relaxation, and warm-hearted people, this green oasis is just right for you. If you need variety, David, our manager, will suggest and organize interesting trips to the Volta Delta or further away.
I hope you have an unforgettable vacation at DREAMLAND Beach Resort!

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