"Looking to make your time in Ghana more meaningful than just sightseeing? Dive into the enriching experience of volunteering!"

Only a 7-minute walk from Dreamland, the Ada Basic School is where children aged 5-11 lay the foundation for their future. With our support and partnership with a NGO, we can organize a personalized volunteer stay for you. Whether your skills lie in math, English, music, sports, or any other area, you can contribute to the community.

Stay at Dreamland and engage in volunteer activities for as long as you desire – be it a day, a week, or even more; the choice is yours. Should you wish to explore other parts of Ghana, no worries! Take some time off and return at your convenience. We offer flexibility, so share your plans with us, and we’ll assist you. Dreamland Beach Resort is the ideal volunteer base, providing you with a unique and fulfilling experience.”

“Dreamland Beach Resort is actively engaged in ecological and environmental volunteer efforts. Within our community, we actively participate in cleaning initiatives, gathering and contributing plastic bottles for recycling purposes. Notably, our compost toilets mark a pioneering initiative in the Ada Foah area.”

“We’ve implemented various eco-friendly practices such as composting, utilizing water from a well, and minimizing plastic usage by opting for reusable textile bags and baskets for shopping. At Dreamland, we prioritize caring for our planet!”

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